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The Roaring Road is a dangerous place! You'll need to use all of your Monstar moves and scare skills if you want to succeed.

Learn from the Tactics below to stay one step ahead of the pack!

Eat. Grow. Win.


Chase down your prey.

Punch for dreams

Boost and barge.

Shout to stun

Unleash your Powerup

Remember, to score maximum points on each stage combine your attacks and power ups. Don't just eat smaller monsters, shock and punch them first.

You can put in sneaky attacks on bigger monsters from behind, to knock some dream power out of them and level them down.

If your brave enough you can even wallop enough dream power out of a Fury to knock them out for a while, although they will get back up more angry than an angry badger.


Ever dreamed about food? Those delicious delusions end up in our World! When Monstars aren't eating Dreams (or each other) they can chow down on these edible items to earn unique powers! Check them out below!

Chunder Cheese

Vindaloonatic Curry

Ice Scream

Napalm Chilli

Hoots Mon Haggis


To become the Scare Saviour you'll need the true weapons of a Monstar! The evil Nightmares have stolen them and you'll have to get them back!

Win back the Gilded Claws!

Hunt down the Hero Horns!

Reclaim your roar!

Well, that's the basics! There is plenty more to discover so get out there and unleash your inner Monstar!