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the world of the monstars

A wise word from Master Shoo...

shoo teaching

"The future of the dream realm is at stake! Do you think you can help with the growing threat?

You certainly look determined. I'm impressed. Well. A wee bit.

Curious to learn more about our World? Come a bit closer, open those ears and listen up then!"

"The Monstar World is a mysterious, magnificent and monstrous realm! Luckily for you I'm an expert with (many, many) years of experience! Venture below to uncover the secret of my first meeting with Monstar! Don't worry about getting lost - I'll keep an eye out!"

Page02Master Shoo, a Monstar of great power and wisdom was meditating on the plight of his world. Also, he was dreaming about cake.
Page01In the space above Dreams, in a time beyond sleep, the people whisper of a alliance of Monstar Master and Scare Saviour...
Page04Shoo discovered a young Monstar pup stuffing his face with food. What's that he's eating? Why it's a Dream!
Page03Someone with no table manners was making a terrible racket and breaking Master Shoo's focus. Master Shoo needed to find out who dared to invoke his rage!
Page06Could this little Monstar be the Scare Saviour? The one who could do battle with the deadly encroaching Fears? Maybe... just maybe...
Page05Only the most powerful of Monstars can even see Dreams let alone be able to eat them. Dreams are the invisible, powerful building blocks of the Monstar world.
Page08The bigger Monstars can't see the Dream... so they decided to eat the pup for dinner instead! Master Shoo contemplated stepping in to rescue him, when suddenly...
Page07But all that scoffing and chomping had attracted the attention of other, bigger Monstars. They are always hungry... and they wanted whatever he was eating for themselves.
Page10GRAAAAR!! The youngster landed, opened his mouth wide and unleashed a Sonic Assault! He shouted words so offensive that it stunned the bigger Monstars. "Amazing!" thought Shoo.
Page09PARP! The little Monstar unleashed a mighty fart! He boosted out of danger, dodging the blow from the bigger bully!
Page12Before Shoo had even moved, the big Monstars were defeated and lay knocked out on the ground.
Page11Still shocked with moral indignation, the bigger Monstars suffer a barrage of punches and flying headbutts. THUMP! BASH! WHAMMO!
Page14For the boy's own safety Shoo knew he should take the young pup under his wing and train him to become a Guardian Monstar: a protector of the Monstar World!
Page13Master Shoo knew that other Monstars would have heard the commotion and would be on the hunt for more snacks: especially little blue ones.
Page15They hit it off straight away, and here begins their tale of high adventure!

"Have you ever woken from a dream unable to remember it? That’ll be because a Monstar ate it! We gobble-em-up at any and every opportunity.

Oh, you want more? Really? Heh, I like your enthusiasm! Listen carefully then and I'll tell you how things work!"


"When you mortals fall asleep, usually after stuffing your face with pizza, curry or cake, your Dreams travel upwards to our World!"


"'Only special Monstars can see the Dreams and those that do, eat them! They're yummy, and they give us immense power! Hmmm. Now I'm hungry."


"Children have the most delicious, imagination - filled dreams of all! That's why we love them the most and want to protect the dream realm so it is safe for them and the pure of heart"


"The more Dreams we eat, the bigger and more powerful we become! So keep using your imagination and dreaming BIG!"


"Your world is experiencing many troubles that are causing an increase in bad dreams. Unfortunately because of this our realm is being invaded by the horrible Fears and the Deadly Nightmares! These guys are wrecking everything!"


"And so it falls to me, Master Shoo, to find a Hero for our world! They must conquer the Roaring Road: an ancient, dangerous rite-of-passage. They must recover the legendary Weapons and become the Scare Saviour! And that...heh where you come in!"

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"That's all you need to know for now. The rest is up to you!

I know you won't let me down!"

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